Organisational Consultancy

Whether you are a small company or a team within a large corporation, organisational consultancy that brings psychology into the workplace can help promote performance and personal wellbeing, benefiting the company, the team and the individual.


Benefits of Psychology in the Workplace

Economic downturn creates job insecurities which can in turn create a stressed and unhappy workforce. A stressed and unhappy workforce leads to increased costs associated with sickness, absenteeism, conflict, poor performance and lack of motivation.


Applying psychological knowledge, theory and practice to the workplace can help an organisation to increase effectiveness by facilitating optimum performance through improved job satisfaction and commitment.


Examples of Psychology at Work

Team building

Managing change, including deployment, mergers and redundancy

Stress management and mental health promotion

Conflict resolution

Harassment and bullying

Critical incident debriefing

Diversity and disability

Psychometric assessment

Team development


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